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Jack Knetzger Comics Bio

May 1958

Born in a shotgun shack by the railroad tracks in Milwaukee WI.

Sept 1962

Shows no reaction when shined on directly by bright home movie lights.

June 1964

Begins reading comic books: "Peanuts" paperbacks, "Adventure" and "Superman." Starts doodling.

Continues collecting DC and some Marvel superhero comic books in a 4.5-foot tall stack in his closet. Also MAD magazine and many variants. Consumes National Lampoons after doing his paper route.
September 1973 First series of original cartoons published in The Ripples, Shorewood High School student newspaper. Only now, 33 years later, does he realize it was called Ripples because of nearby Lake Michigan. He retains the original reversed out printing woodblock/plastic and steel printing plates of the cartoons.
August 11, 1974
Family moves from Milwaukee to Phoenix, AZ. His 6-foot stack of comic books, now worth millions of dollars, does not make the move, part of the epochal diaspora of trillions of pages of childhood boomer comics. Oh the humanity! Oh the landfill!
1975-1980 New friends introduce Jack to many unusual experiences, including the full spectrum of underground comics - Crumb et al. Starts drawing hundreds of pages of imitation underground comics.

Fallow period.


Produces about 100 color comic strips, Quicktime cartoons, and other graphic novelties on website www.knetzcomics.com. Website runs down in late 1998.


Draws 1-2 finished comic strips a year, often done as gifts. Cake decorations. Inside of birthday cards. Envelopes. Website revived Jan 2005.