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Jack Knetzger Music Bio

May 1958

Born in a shotgun shack by the railroad tracks in Milwaukee WI.

Sept 1962

Shows no reaction when shined on directly by bright home movie lights.

June 1964

Grows agitated listening to "Love Me Do" and others Beatles singles in basement of friend's house.

Nov 1968
Plays drums in 6th-grade band for 6 months. Quits after recital featuring "Battle Hymn of the Republic" snare solo.
April 1970
Plays viola in middle school orchestra for one semester.
Summer 1971 Hallucinates while listening to "Axis Bold As Love" on Ampex reel in brother's 25-pound Koss headphones. Wow.

Fascinated by older brother Bob's proficiency on mandolin, banjo, guitar, and pedal steel.


Family moves to Phoenix, Az. Acquires hand-me-down dreadnought Fender 6-string acoustic from Bob and starts monkeying around. Composes first "tunes" -- a series of 3 notes played with grunts.

1975-1977 Jack amuses school chums with acoustic and electric material. Performs solo at Unitarian youth retreat, Spring 1976.

Forms the "Atomic Bomb Club", a 2-man band with Derrick Bostrom, after Bostrom gets drums for xmas in 77. Hendrix/Rundgren-phile Jack forced to modify style to accommodate Bostrom's punk aspirations. ABC moves from Phoenix to Tucson, rehearses nightly, but plays two parties and one public gig at the University of Arizona Student Union in Feb 79. The duo delivers 10 songs in 1:45 seconds, after which Jack sits down in shock in the audience, leaving Derrick and pals the rest of the hour to jam. Jack's severe stage-fright induced nausea leads Bostrom to reevaluate future of group. (Bostrom returns to Phx at end of school year. Starts The Voyeurs with brother Damon.) More songwriting and 2-track cassette dubbing in college student apartments around Tucson. Writes 30 original punk/rock/pop songs.


Starts new band, "Caucasians," in Tucson Unitarian Church, consisting of methadone maintenance bass player, spanish jazz student drummer, and effervescent red-haired high school kid lead singer. Never plays in public.

Summer 1980

Records cassettes in music practice rooms of Elmhurst College outside Chicago during internship at Argonne Lab.


ABC ends by summer. In fall, plays for a month with rock combo "The Terminals," does one live show at punk venue before Jack quits.


Home cassette recording and songwriting. Occasional jamming with work buddies, including Robert "Keith Emerson" Cooper.

1996-1998 Puts music on mp3.com, then moves to knetzcomics.com website. Virtually no audience.
1999 Joins MCI software engineers house band "Mid-Life Crisis" for 3 months, plays one house party and one bar doing covers before Jack quits to "pursue recording."
1989-2004 Collaboration with Joe B Vaughan Jr on home studio recording. Supplied lead guitar for "Bring It" on Joe's Polar Bear in Show album. Much trading of cds and recording ideas until Joe dissappears in 2004.
2000-2004 Acquires many microphones, preamps, guitars, and tube guitar amps, software and other stuff. Continues writing and home recording.
Spring 2005 Relaunches knetzcomics.com website, posts new tracks. Virtually no traffic.
Spring 2006 Puts ads on craigslist to form "punk or original" band. Jams once with a drummer, then for a month with bass player Winston Payne and great guitar player/songwriter Michael Tucker for 6 weeks. Unnamed band nails down entire set of great original music and then Jack quits to "pursue recording."
Summer 2006

Jack cuts a dozen fabulous instrumentals in Garageband in 3 weeks. Updates website from 10-year old code to modern style. Knetzcomics.com starts drawing over 100 unique visitors a month. Over 15,000 songs downloaded in 10 weeks.

Summer 2007 More tracks posted, over 80,000 downloads in 8 months. Traffic assist from Bostrom website and Meat Puppets reunion ink sidebar.