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Basement Tapes (2015)

All Out

What Remains



Last Bus

What I Feel

Around the Hive

March on




Oglala Breakdown

Good Old Times

Down Here






After the Big One - Atomic Bomb Club (2015)

Redo of 2014's "Dawn's Early Light" with some new vocals, keyboards, and complete remix:


David was a Man

New Wave

Elevator Song

Burned Again


Three Springs

Peppermint Street

Last Ocean on the Right


Check the Mail

Too Many Balls


Emmie Hold On

(bonus track) Capitol Drive





Atomic Bomb Club's album
"Dawns Early Light" (2104)
is now available here
and on iTunes.







Wired (2013)




She's Got Everything (2009)




Black White Man (2008)

all in good time

untitled acoustic idea

king of sloths

a new start



the sea and cake

black white man


a little hitch

summer miles

just another jam

50 (version2)

50 (version 1)

quiet place

searching for the perfect one

black/white man

weekend (1) - weekend (2)

maggie (2nd mix)


forever people







Stars in the Ocean (2007)

rock no 1

time out

the stars in the ocean

Li'l Champ


let's get goin'

variation on "Late Summer Sun"

little jangly

September Rain

Late Summer Sun

Outdoor Miner (Wire cover)

The 15th (pop mix), The 15th (rock mix) (Wire covers.)

sugar (8-1-07)

three way jam

caramel macchiato

pop sketch

rock anthem

meditation #29

rock boogie

pop loop

12-string improv

long time ago

nice start


doris (3-15-07)

a blues


Snow day




Vault Vol 2. - Misc Tracks (1998-2001)

change my blood


time to feed the dog

you can't tell me anymore

too many balls





a rainy day

3rd stone from the sun, you got me floatin',

ain't no telling, if 6 was 9 (Hendrix covers)

on a faraway beach

nyah nyah nyah


burned again

in love

one fine day


someone for you

peppermint street

go slow

no tomorrow

any fool can see





Vault Vol 1. - the '70s Classic Tracks (1975-1981)

"The Atomic Bomb Club"

Jack Knetzger (git,v) & Derrick Bostrom (drums)
Paradise Valley, AZ 1977-81

(tracks provided by Derrick Bostrom)

  • Ringo's Theme (Beatles) - Jack channels Art Fern and John Lennon on the vocal. Perfect Bostrom Starr take as usual. A duo, no bass, like most ABC.
  • Fire (Hendrix) - there were two eras in ABC - before and after the Fender Reverb unit, a tube-driven reverb head that got plugged into Jack's Marshall combo for swampy results. Rare jam features Cris Kirkwood on bass, and Kevin Craig on vocals.
  • Night of the Living Dead (Misfits) - heroic punk vocal cover from Jack. Amazing tempi, listen to the tight tom patterns on the bridges from Bostrom. Cris Kirkwood-bass.
  • I Wanna Be Your Man (Beatles) - Sometimes the Strat-Marshall combo was too much even for Jack to control, as evidenced by the out of control noise rave up at the onset. Turns into a fine chugger, Jack vocal. Fantastic fandango treble pickup lead spot from which Jack could not return. Curt Kirkwood on bass.
  • I Call Your Name (Beatles) - Another super drum performance from Bostrom, Jack attempting more Lennon scream builds on the choruses. Again, the lead spotlet denoues into a song fragment ending, a classic ABC device. Curt Kirkwood-bass.
  • Highway Chile (Hendrix) - If he got decent fakes for a couple chords and a riff or two, Jack did Hendrix. This HC features an extended improv rythym/feedback lead for 3/4 of the track before the Jack vocal appears. Curt Kirkwood-bass.

more ABC tracks & info


"The Terminals"
JK (git,v), Emmett Kilgariff (bass,v),
John Nicholls(?) (git, v), Scott Vick (drums)
Phoenix, AZ Sept 1981

(thanks to Emmett Kilgariff, for the tracks
and jogging my memory.)




Blossom (2006)

liquid sweet waterfall
down here
yes i know
garden number seven
the pursuit of happiness
mister shmutopia takes a wizz
a temporary stop to all things
everything always works out that way
a new dawn

(2006 details)


©2006 Words and Music, Jack Knetzger




Etwas Limpy (2005)

road to parkerville

another rainy day in paradise




jumpy jam


She's Got a Problem (Fountains of Wayne) (electric)

She's Got a Problem (Fountains of Wayne) (acoustic)


Kid Gloves -mix 2 (Fontains of Wayne)

Kid Gloves - mix1 (Fountains of Wayne)

Fly Away to Buffalo

Fly Away to Buffalo (instrumental)


acoustic meander

li'll ting

Just fingernails


I can't


©2005 Words and Music, Jack Knetzger




Summertime (2004)

Alot of 12-string acoustic instrumentals, yet ending in a hellacious Les Paul/Marshall open-D dirge.


in the shade
little green
(Joni Mitchell)
the gate


©2004 Words and Music, Jack Knetzger


3/4 Baked July (2002)

Ostensibly the follow-up to 1994's "Half-Baked July," if there is a pale homage to Harvest in the Knetzger ouevre, this be it, mostly by virtue of four Youngish tracks featuring the only recorded appearance of Jack on harmonica (for good reason). "Benefical Bugs" is the standout, Belewish single. Ish a good album.


beneficial bugs
another world
la grunge
some blues
it'll be alright
may your days be bright


©2002 Words and Music, Jack Knetzger

Pop Summit (2002)

A mish-mash, opening with a lame Python-esque parody of the BBC version of Trading Spaces. There follows a set of mostly instrumental tracks, spiced up by MIDI drum beds on tracks 3-9, courtesy of special guest artist Derrick Bostrom, of the original Meat Puppets and creator of Today's Sounds .


changing internal organs
things looking up
be a pal
derr bop
click tock
santana lane
vega transit
joyz luv


©2002 Words and Music, Jack Knetzger

magic sugar eye (2000-2001)

From the huge opening overture of guitars to the melotronic dreamscape of the final track, the double album "sugar eye" is a pop Gigantess in search of a place to sit down. These tracks from disc 1 alone range from rotgut rock to ooh-lah-lah pop to space jazz, and that's just in the track "medley." The furthest point comes halfway in on "john mccain for president," a 9-minute Cocoa Puff-fueled rant over a slanky Velvety guitar, dubbed at 3 am while the house slept.


ring it in
back when I was a zero
tick clock
secret agent
powerpoint blues
international moan
fourth stone from the sun
john mccain for president
when the day is done
going boldly
(based on Hendrix theme)
sweet dreams


©2001 Words and Music, Jack Knetzger